What sets your school apart from others in the city?

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Which School?

1. What sets your school apart from others in the city?
[What is the programme and environment like?]

Repton School Abu Dhabi is a school that never loses focus of the individual child. It is an environment where there are many blends: a blend of the pursuit of excellence with a broadening of the mind; a blend in the fulfilment of succeeding as an individual with the pleasure of working as part of a team; and a blend between the investment in self-discovery with an awareness of others. This is the ‘wholeness’ that personifies a Repton education. Since our entry into the Abu Dhabi educational landscape in 2013, Repton Abu Dhabi has steadily carved out a distinct reputation as a premier school in the emirate.

Repton School Abu Dhabi offers an inclusive learning environment appealing to families from a range of backgrounds. Our pupils benefit from an international curriculum based on the British independent and national curricula while being aligned to our vision on becoming the premier technology school in the UAE. It is supported by an exciting and broad extra-curricular programme taking full advantage of our first rate facilities. In short, we feed a natural curiosity for learning to equip your child with a solid foundation on which to build their future dreams.

2. Tell us [more] about your team…
[What is your teaching ethos? Perhaps you have an orientation programme?]

Repton School Abu Dhabi appreciates that quality teachers are the single most important resource in providing our children with the best possible education. We also understand that the recruitment and retention of the staff is essential. Our children and parents want to see staff remain with the school for lengthy spells providing stability and continuity which benefits the children. It is only through the stability of the staff that we can work on a meaningful programme of continuous school improvement. It is our policy, therefore, to pay close attention to the needs of our staff and work with them to nurture and develop their talents.

The staff at Repton School Abu Dhabi have a strong background and experience with the British Curriculum, with the exception of Arabic and Islamic Studies. All our staff are qualified and trained in the age group of children they are responsible for. When new teachers join Repton Abu Dhabi they complete Apple Teacher training to ensure they have the tools required to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners.

As an Apple Distinguished School we are recognized as a center of leadership and educational excellence, demonstrating our vision for learning with technology. Repton’s approach to education is therefore one of a continual process of discovery. We encourage independent thought and action, and then combine this with rational and responsible decision-making. The curriculum develops pupils as lifelong learners, and encourages a spirit of intellectual curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge. This is achieved through what is studied in lessons and by links between academic and outstanding cross-curricular opportunities. Inspectors during a recent ADEK inspection commented:

“Teachers use questioning very effectively to encourage critical thinking and to help students clarify their own ideas. Teachers use a wide range of approaches including the promotion of new technologies to motivate students and help them succeed”.

3. Is there anything else parents should know?
[Perhaps there’s a particular focus, what languages are taught…]

Repton School Abu Dhabi has become an example of best practice for schools from around the UAE and region on implementing technology to enhance learning among students. The school also has the distinction of being the only school in the region which is an Apple Distinguished School, placing it in a select list of schools around the globe.

Over the last few years, Repton School Abu Dhabi has been on an exciting journey, using technology from Apple to enhance content while creatively implementing programmes to improve student learning outputs as well as staff training. With a 1:1 iPad student ratio, the technology has been used from early years of FS1 for children as young as 3 years old, to Key Stage 3 for children in the age group of 11-14 years old.  This has taken the form of using various apps across subjects with the help of student digital teams, who not only teach other students but are also involved in staff training.

4. Please list your selected facilities…
[Sports, music, health, dining etc]

In February this year, Repton School Abu Dhabi announced a significant expansion with the launch of a new campus occupying a 25,000 sq. meter plot on Al Reem Island with a range of world-class facilities for pupils and staff. The new campus, called Fry Campus, is currently catering to pupils from Years 3-6. The school will offer 3 more year groups (up to Year 9) for the academic year starting September 2018 and will provide specialist facilities for all pupils from Years 3-13 by September 2020.

The new campus, which can accommodate up to 1800 pupils, will be a significant addition to the existing campus of Repton Foundation School, Rose Campus, which opened in September 2013. In terms of capacity, both campuses will eventually serve 2300 pupils. The school is currently rated Band A which is a Very Good rating by ADEK.

Fry Campus has an urban design which blends well with its surroundings. It is designed in a contemporary style with an innovative learning environment and has been carefully designed for each year group. It is spacious and bright while being illuminated by natural light from the atrium which is the focal point of the campus. It houses state-of-the-art facilities including a six lane 25-meter indoor swimming pool, 3 indoor sports halls covering badminton, basketball, handball, netball and volleyball, 30,000sqft shaded rooftop, outdoor tennis courts and a multipurpose hall for dance and other creative arts.

In addition, there is a sky-court/dining area, a stunning 4 level glass cylindrical central library, art centre, design & technology rooms, music halls, science laboratories, a dedicated 6th form centre and many educational learning spaces. The campus will support the commitment of the school to specialist teaching, with a focus on STEAM subjects such as science and coding which are taught by specialist teachers from junior school.

The Repton Foundation School opened in September 2013 encompassing Nursery and Reception as well as Year 1 and Year 2. Built on Reem Island, the school houses airy and bright educational spaces, several multipurpose halls, a library and an indoor swimming pool.