Repton Abu Dhabi is the very first Apple Distinguished School in the Middle East. From age 3 onwards, our pupils are each equipped with their own iPad, and technology is integrated across the curriculum. This is so successful that our attainment in Computing far exceeds the UK national average UK National Curriculum every year. Coding is a timetabled subject, and children are also exposed to resources such as interactive Spheros, Beebots and drones, and have access to robotics challenges. iPads are also used to collate, assess, and comment on homework to help children meet their individualised targets.

Technology is blended with, and enhances, traditional and contemporary subjects and methodologies. Our Pupil Digital Team, Apple Teacher trained staff, and Digital Vision ensure that our screen time policy keeps the use of technology focused and strategic.

Innovation, however, is not restricted to digital technology. Children are encouraged to solve problems in new ways, particularly through STEAM subjects (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths), and Innovation Time is a dedicated weekly lesson at Fry Campus.

In addition, we also use physical coding as a problem-solving strategy in lessons across the curriculum, linking the importance of computational thinking and deconstructing concepts as a core 21st century skill.


As an established ADS, we are a hub of digital excellence in the community. This can be seen through our annual Digital Summit, where staff are keen to share their digital skills and knowledge with others. Truly international, we cater to a growing student body consisting of over 80 nationalities. At Repton, students have a passion to develop, create and innovate. Staff are constantly exploring new ways of using technology to ensure the best educational experience for every child.

Teachers consider the unknown future and always aim to equip learners with the skills they will need to succeed. The collaboration between staff and students means that learning is truly two-way and that is what makes our school unique!


At Repton, our mantra of ‘The Best for Every Child’ is the basis on which all decisions are made. Repton’s focus for teaching adaptable skills for future jobs, yet to be created, is made achievable through our technological capacity. Senior leadership and staff at all levels are invested in constantly supporting students by:

R- Reflecting on learning through feedback and review. 

E- Empowering learners to engage with global cultures.

P- Providing opportunities to create solutions through multiple mediums. 

T- Transforming and accelerating education by using technology.

O- Ownership of independent learning.

N- Nurturing all students to share their expertise within our learning community.


Consistent opportunities to utilise digital literacy skills give us an innovative and creative student body. By drawing targets from the Everyone Can Create Curriculum, students are afforded opportunities to communicate their knowledge in a wide range of ways utilising apps such as Pages and Clips.

By mapping out skills and designated apps for each year group, students are able to strengthen their digital literacy in all areas of the curriculum. When reaching the Senior phase, students have advanced skills in many apps and are able to create a personal pathway to achieve the shared learning goal. Timetabled computing lessons and whole school initiatives such as Hour of Code ensure students are constantly exposed to coding using Everyone Can Code as a road map to success.

We ensure teaching and learning practices are innovative by engaging in research and using Apple support materials to underpin our curriculum. The combination of having 100% Apple Teachers and well-established ongoing support means that students connect to the real world through interactive learning experiences in the classroom and remotely. Using a distributive leadership model leads to digital champions in all departments and encourages a reflective approach to teaching.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow for a collaborative, reflective atmosphere where students can share work through multiple mediums. Our annual student summit allows students from across the UAE to problem solve and create.


We define success as finding creative solutions to tasks and problems. Through staff-led research and seeking feedback we are able to constantly reassess our provision for the Repton community. Examples of adaptation include evolving remote learning provision and having an in-house developed app as a focal point for our pastoral system.

Our students use their ever-growing bank of digital skills to report on real-life issues and consider ways to solve them. By assigning digital skills to each department, staff are accurately able to use teacher judgement on levels of digital literacy each term. 

Despite the disruptive year in education, we continue to serve the community by sharing best practice far and wide. Dedicated and driven, our community will continue to rethink education and solve problems with innovative thinking.

Next Steps

As our Repton digital journey develops, we aim to challenge all learners through a combination of innovative, creative and personalised learning opportunities. We have the ability to inspire, motivate and engage both staff and students by continually improving their skills and knowledge, through shared best practice. Our next steps are:

  • Ensuring the inclusion department receive training on the best use of accessibility tools.
  • Digital Team leaders to invest in developing their skills by working on their Apple portfolio.
  • Begin assessing creativity using the Apple Toolkit.

Art & Design

We are thrilled to bring our Art & Design Catalogue to you. This is our online collection of student work from the Academic Year 2021/2022, documenting the art of IGCSE and IB Visual Arts students of Repton Dubai and Repton Abu Dhabi. The art and design work reflect our students’ imagination, hard work and skillset. Our students have spent a year perfecting their craft across a broad range of media. Moreover, these works of art and design encourages self-expression and creativity, builds confidence as well as a sense of individual identity among our students.

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