Repton School Abu Dhabi Receives Highest ADEK Rating for Distance Learning Performance

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Our school has recently received the highest rating of Developed from ADEK for our distance learning performance. Developed is the highest rating that can be awarded across 13 different Themes.

This incredible news follows a two-day Distance Learning Evaluation which took place on Tuesday 16th June and Wednesday 17th June.

The purpose of the visit was to evaluate our school’s distance learning provision for students’ learning and wellbeing and to support our school in identifying any areas that require improvement. During the online visit, evaluators engaged in a range of activities including discussions with senior and middle leaders, review of documents, review of samples of students’ work, observation of virtual lessons and analysis of feedback from parent questionnaires.

We are delighted that ADEK has recognised all of the excellent work taking place here at Repton and what a talented community we have. The most positive features of our school’s distance learning are described by ADEK as:

  • The effective modification of the curriculum that ensures learning activities are appropriate for online lessons and accessible across the school.
  • The promotion and support for people’s wellbeing across the school community.
  • The extremely effective support for students that enables them maintain continuity of learning.
  • The leaders’ proactive approach toward refining provision so that students are able to continue learning online.
  • The teachers effective support in lessons to ensure that students continue to make progress.
  • The clear, age appropriate assessments given to students so that they are confident to take the next steps in learning.

The evaluators also recognised our school’s strong roots in community, highlighting that we are truly one school across 2 campuses, and that we work hard to make our Reptonians and our wider community feel involved in everything we do – as one evaluator described it, we are “one big family”.

Rose Campus ADEK Final DLE Report 16th June 2020

Fry Campus ADEK Final DLE Report 17th June 2020