Repton Abu Dhabi Levels Up With Sixth Edition of Digital Summit

Raiha MalikNews & Events

  • 53 students from across nine schools in the UAE collaborated to develop educational E-sports games at the annual Digital Summit. 
  • Students explored the potential of E-sports games in facilitating learning among children, fostering their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Repton Abu Dhabi, an Apple Distinguished School (ADS), proudly hosted the sixth edition of its annual Digital Summit on 6th March 2024. 53 students from Year 6 – Year 9 collaborated to develop interactive educational E-sports games, creatively integrating learning through play. Repton Abu Dhabi’s innovative approach engaged students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills offering them a platform to showcase their educational prowess. 

The burgeoning E-sports industry has rapidly grown over the past few years, receiving 3.2 billion players worldwide. This momentum can be felt in the UAE as Dubai announced the Dubai Programme For Gaming 2023 initiative, aimed at creating over 30,000 jobs. Recognising its potential, Repton Abu Dhabi has augmented its curriculum to offer dynamic learning outcomes. Annual Digital Summit participants from across nine UAE schools were challenged to create an E-sports game that offer young players educational and entertaining learning outcomes.

Participants collaborated in 15 teams of three to four members and sharpened their digital skills by using programming languages such as JavaScript, Swift and Python, along with applications such as Canva to develop and present their engaging games. They developed their interactive games based on principles, including the problem-solving and strategic thinking skills, improving hand-eye coordination and reflexes, promoting teamwork and communication, enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem, and providing a fun and engaging way to learn.  

Steven Lupton, Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi, said, “As an Apple Distinguished School, our dynamic curriculum offers every student a thriving platform to reach their full potential. We were thrilled to welcome students to our campus for another year of outstanding collaboration and accomplishments. As educators, it is our responsibility to adapt to the evolving needs of our students and provide them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. The annual Digital Summit serves as a platform for us to explore new possibilities and inspire the next generation of innovators.”

Students presented their creative educational games to a panel of judges, including Elliot Mack, Co-founder and CEO of Daigon Esports; Andy Perryer, Head of Digital Learning at Cognita Middle East; and Mr Ali Farhat, App Center Coordinator/Information Technology Senior Faculty at Higher College of Technology. Mack also kicked off the keynote speeches, inspiring students to think outside the box and showcase their creative acumen, followed by a rousing speech by Kalthoom Ali Salem, Lead of Education – Middle East at Apple.

Participants were evaluated based on their unique approach to blending E-sports with learning and innovation. 

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