Scholarships Programme

Scholarships at Repton Abu Dhabi are awarded predominantly to internal and external candidates who will be in Year 5 to Year 13 in September 2024 and are tenable for a pupil’s time at school, subject to high standards of behaviour, performance and engagement in academic, artistic, musical, sporting and innovation activities. Upon the award of a scholarship, academic scholars should remain hard-working and demonstrate outstanding attainment; music scholars should support Repton music performance groups; art scholars should be actively involved in the artistic community both inside and outside of school; sports scholars should be available to represent Repton sports teams; and innovation scholars should be integral members of the Repton Digital Team.

Scholarships are offered in the following areas:

Academic: awarded to pupils with the ability and commitment to be academic leaders at Repton. The school is looking for outstanding pupils, who are curious, inquisitive and enjoy their studies.

Music: awarded to talented musicians who are prepared to make a strong contribution to the Music Department at Repton, and prepared to support musical performance groups at the school.

Sport: awarded to pupils with strong sporting credentials, who will promote sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and fair play, and who will be ambassadors for Repton sports teams.

Innovation: awarded to pupils who demonstrate entrepreneurial attributes, with the ability and commitment to be digital leaders, and who will represent Repton at internal and external events.

Art: awarded to talented artists who are prepared to make a strong contribution to the Art Department at Repton, and are prepared to participate in both internal and external Art competitions as well as create a diverse portfolio over the course of the year.

How to apply?

As part of the application process, parents of internal and external candidates will be invited to provide evidence of their child’s academic, artistic, musical, sporting or innovation ability, such as representation and success in concerts or sports competitions.

Parents of pupils who wish to apply for these awards will be invited to write, in the first instance to, later this term. For academic scholarship applications, evidence of ability, such as student academic awards or certificates, GL assessment scores or CAT 4 scores and recent school reports should be provided. Year 12 scholarships will only be considered for Year 11 students who excel at their IGCSEs.

As part of the selection process, pupils applying may be invited to visit the school for an interview or audition, to demonstrate their ability.

After the deadline for applications is closed, parents will being notified of students awarded scholarships by the end of the Term 2.​​

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