Pastoral Care

Happy children learn. To thrive they need to feel that they belong, they matter, they are listened to, and that they are safe.

Our Pastoral Care has been rated as Outstanding by ADEK. Caring for our pupils underpins everything we do, be it encouraging a child at Sports Day, supervising a safe playtime, organising a parent meeting about behaviour at the end of a school day or tracking attendance.

Every member of the school family is involved in shaping and developing the whole child. Through our collaborative and caring community, our Students’ Personal Development has also been rated as Outstanding by ADEK.

Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Heads of Inclusion, Counsellor, Nurse, Heads of Year, Heads of Key Stage and other Senior Leaders, all work together to make sure that each child’s needs are understood.

Our School Nurses are part of this important support system. As well as offering ad hoc care, they plan a calendar of educational events for pupils, parents and staff. They work with SEHA and HAAD, and monitor each child’s BMI status, linking with the PE and Swimming Department to ensure each child learns healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

In short, the Pastoral Care Team plays a full part in the life of the school community, supporting the ethos and standards expected and encouraging pupils, staff and parents to do likewise.

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