Outdoor Education & Extracurricular

Our Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) at Repton offer a wide variety of clubs catered to the needs of our Repton family, there is something for everyone. ECAs provide the students with further learning and experiences in addition to their academic curriculum. They create a fun and exciting environment for the after-school community.

What are the benefits of your child participating in ECAs? Repton’s array of activities will enhance your child’s personal development in both aspects socially and academically. We are an ear to the students and listen to their needs. With the voice of the students, Repton continues to design and deliver a successful, personalised and enjoyable program suitable for all.

At Rose campus, we have a variety of active ECAs from Multi Sports to Yoga and Mini Movers. We also offer more classroom based activities that are an extension to the daily curriculum, for example Finger Gym, Arts & Crafts, Storytelling and Construction.

At Fry campus, bring out your child’s inner actor/actress at the Drama Club; discover and design in the sewing class or become the next Picasso at Art Club. Students can extend their languages in Arabic and French, develop patience and increase their cognitive skills in Chess or become a journalist and write for the Repton Times.

Across both campuses, we also work closely with two external providers; Neptunes and Gulf Star. Collectively with our PE department, we offer students the chance to learn and develop new skills in a variety of sports such as Swimming, Karate, Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Netball, Tennis and Dance. We compete competitively versus other schools in the Adissa league and also allow students to take part socially in inter house tournaments as well.

This is also complemented by a varied outdoor education programme which begins in KS2, with activities provided locally. As the school accepts Senior School pupils, we will look to take advantage of trips abroad, encompassing culture, sport and music. These will also involve partnerships with Repton School and Foremarke in Derbyshire, UK.

Outdoor adventure programmes positively impact young people’s self-perception: their understandings of their own personal strengths, limitations, and the value they bring to a team. We use outdoor education to develop key life skills and characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, self confidence, grit and determination. Ultimately these characteristics benefit pupils as they graduate from Repton and prepares them for life in an increasingly competitive world.

Our carefully designed outdoor education programme takes into account the ability of the pupils, a diligent approach to risk management, a rich and varied use of activities which combine together to provide pupils with invaluable learning opportunities.

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