Beyond the Classroom

At Repton, we develop children’s moral integrity and compassion, their intellectual and emotional resilience, and their collaborative and problem solving competence.

Preparation for the reality of life involves learning a variety of skills and values. We nurture a student competence set and moral code both inside and outside the classroom, which prepares children to thrive and contribute long after their years at school.


The vehicles for such personal development include

  • Pupil Council Representation
  • Digital Team Representation
  • Charity work
  • Environmental care
  • Guest speakers
  • Theatre shows
  • Musical performances and choir recitals
  • Dance performances
  • Class assemblies
  • After school clubs (ECAs)
  • Peripatetic music tuition
  • Inter-school competitions
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Field trips
  • Careers Day

These activities, as well as being a lot of fun, enable us to help prepare our Repton students to be responsible and resilient young people, ready to make a positive contribution to their world.

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