Identity and Heritage

Repton has been a significant place in the UK for 1500 years, notably as a seat of Anglo-Saxon kings.

Repton School’s founder, Sir John Port, had an earnest wish to leave the world a better place. We enjoy a magnificent heritage because each successive generation has sought to enrich the schools and to make them relevant for that age. Reptonians grow to appreciate that our heritage is ultimately ambitious and forward-looking.

We celebrate this aspect of our past, and both campuses at Repton Abu Dhabi are named after alumni : our Foundation School (Rose Campus) is named after Sir Christopher Rose, and the Junior and Senior School (Fry Campus) remembers C.B. Fry.

Likewise, we encourage pupils to think just as much about their own legacy.

Repton’s heritage now spreads across the world with the growing family of schools which allows all Reptonians to enjoy a truly global perspective in their education. Old Reptonians are kept in contact with each other and the School through the OR Society.

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