Repton Abu Dhabi Uniform Code

The aim of the Repton School Abu Dhabi uniform code is for pupils to present a neat appearance, while feeling comfortable in what they wear. The basic design and colours of the uniform derive from Repton School in the UK, reflecting the closeness of the relationship between the two schools, though allowance has been made for the very different climate conditions in the UAE and Britain.

All items of uniform, bags, towels etc. must be clearly marked with the owner’s name either in indelible pen or, preferably, by means of sewn-on name tapes. The school retains the right to indelibly name items which may come to notice as not labelled.


We want our pupils to grow into healthy adults. We believe it is dangerous for children to wear shoes that have platform soles or high heels and therefore these are not allowed.

The term ‘regulation footwear’ is defined as practical black shoes designed specifically with school wear in mind. The shoe should be fastened by laces or velcro or can be slip on. Ballet pumps or trainer type shoes should not be worn.

Uniform Shop

All uniform items will be available through the school. The Uniform Shop is located on the 2nd floor of the Foundation School.

Opening hours are 7.30 am – 3.30 pm during term time.

The telephone number for the shop is +971 (0)2 507 4810.