Realisation of potential is a fundamental aspect of the Repton ethos. We encourage the highest standards of development for each child through activities inside and outside the classroom.

Repton is a selective school and, in the admission process, we also look for character, behaviour and attitude. In all of these areas we believe in setting goals, which each individual pupil can achieve, given the high level of support and encouragement the school provides.

It is vital that our pupils and parents are kept informed of progress towards these goals. Goals should be challenging but realistic.

Tracking Pupil Progress

In Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 baseline assessments for all pupils are used at the start of the academic year. This helps Teachers to gauge the correct support and challenge needed for each child.

We assess throughout the year and analyse data on a pupil specific basis, involving children in their own individualised pupil targets and goal setting.

Assessment lies at the heart of promoting children’s learning. It provides a framework within which educational objectives may be set and progress expressed and monitored. Assessment is incorporated into teaching strategies in order to diagnose any problems and chart progress.

Reporting Progress

This comes in many forms, such as classwork and homework feedback, parent meetings and formal reports. We send home an interim report in Term 1, and a full report at the end of the year.