Years 3 and 4 are currently located in the Foundation School. 2017-18 will see all of Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) together in Repton School Abu Dhabi’s second campus on Reem Island.

Preparing children for the ever-changing world is key. At Repton, we believe all children need many skills in order to be well prepared.

Teamwork and communication skills are crucial. Some of the most successful people are those who can collaborate with others and are proficient communicators.


Reading lies at the heart of our school. It is an essential tool that, eventually, will enable our children to teach themselves. Reading for understanding (Comprehension) and enjoyment are our focus. We expect children to read at home with their parents as well as in school. We provide an excellent library and timetabled sessions where library skills are developed strategically.


The Key Stage 2 English curriculum concentrates on developing children’s writing skills (with a focus on spelling and grammar) through communication. We believe that if a child can’t say it, they can’t write it. Therefore, we include plenty of opportunities for discussion so speaking and listening skills are developed. We build the skills and confidence for our pupils to become competent debaters.
Handwriting is also important and we insist upon children achieving and sustaining a high quality in the presentation of their work.


Mathematics concentrate on the ‘four rules’. We focus on proficiency in addition, multiplication, subtraction and division and the application of these skills to problem solving. The school calculation policy gives the children a clear process to follow that ensures understanding as well as competency


Arabic is a core subject for all pupils, in compliance with ADEC, and children are grouped as Native-Arabic speakers, on Non-Native. Islamic is taught for those children who are Muslim. Social Studies is taught to native Arab speakers in Year 3, and to all KS2 pupils from Year 4 upwards.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are core subjects at Repton. Computing is integrated into the entire curriculum, and Coding is taught as a discrete subject. All children benefit from ‘one-to-one’ learning through their own iPads (provided by the school). We see technology as an opportunity to enhance learning, not to replace existing methods, and the children have the opportunity to accelerate their learning in every lesson.

Science is taught through investigative and practical challenges, developing a keen appreciation for the world around us, and a problem solving approach that will help our pupils to enhance and protect the world of the future. Where possible, Science, Maths and Computing link through STEM project-based learning.

There is breadth to our curriculum. Exposure to high quality teaching in Humanities (History & Geography), French, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), and Swimming will ensure our pupils have a secure understanding of these subjects, allowing the children to make great achievements as they progress further through their school days. In this way, each child can develop the pathway that is the right one for them.