Our youngest children (FS1 to Year 2) are based on site 1. Having completed their education in the Foundation School they move into the Junior School on the main campus. The main campus is designed in such a way that Junior School children benefit from the many facilities but also have a defined area where the they will spend the majority of the school day.

We offer a curriculum modelled on both the traditional excellence established in our sister school Repton UK and its prep school Foremarke Hall, as well as the new national curriculum of England and Wales. In addition, we take into account the requirements of an international cohort and the needs of all pupils.

In keeping with traditions, at the heart of our curriculum are the three ‘R’s’ – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. These are the pillars of our curriculum and help to underpin all other areas of learning. Through highly motivated and enthusiastic teaching we develop 21st Century Learners, whom have a thirst for knowledge with questioning and enquiring minds.

The Junior School is
comprised of FS1 to
Year 6.


Our curriculum however, is broad. We spend time developing enquiring minds through the study of the sciences and ensure that children are equipped to engage the advances of this modern technological world, without losing key skills. We explore the world through carefully planned geography lessons and study the varied history of the world. Ensuring that the curriculum is focused on a multicultural group. This allows all children to share ideas and opinions giving all pupils a truly international flavour to each topic.

Music and Sport

Music and the performing arts are a vital component of any school and the development of a fully rounded child. The children enjoy specialist music lessons with dedicated teachers with a passion and flair for the subject. Regular opportunities are created for pupils to perform, and develop their own confidence, to both their peers and a wider audience, through regular assemblies and shows. Throughout the school is displayed art work of a high level for pupils in all age ranges. Pupils are taught to create in a variety of media as well as being given specific guidance on technique.

Sport has long been at the heart of quality UK independent schools and this is no different at Repton Abu Dhabi. From FS1 through to Year 6, pupils are taught by specialist PE teachers, all of whom have a passion for their sport and developing sporting stars of the future. The children participate in games and swimming during their normal timetable and are able to access a wealth of choice in our comprehensive after school activity programme. We believe in the benefits of playing competitive sport and Repton teams compete at all age levels in most of the major sports, achieving a high level of success.


As an international school languages feature strongly in our curriculum. All our pupils are exposed to two languages in the Junior School: Arabic and French. These subjects are taught by specialist teachers with the expectation that all pupils should be developing secure conversational skills in both subject by the time they leave the Junior School.

As a school with its roots firmly established in the excellence of independent school we also believe in teaching the ‘hidden curriculum’. By this we mean the skills that children need to be pleasant, successful and socially competent. At the heart of the school are the Repton Ten Values and through the promotion of these to the children we develop good manners, social skills, leadership, compassion and consideration for others.

Through a dedicated and motivated team we work to ensure pupils are ready for the Senior School and leave us with a passion and enthusiasm for learning.