We nurture each child’s self esteem, ensuring they develop confidence in all aspects of the Foundation Stage curriculum detailed in “Development Matters” (UK).

The curriculum encompasses continuity and progression in the following key areas:

  • – Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • – Communication and Language
  • – Literacy
  • – Mathematics
  • – Understanding of the World
  • – Physical Development
  • – Expressive Arts and Design

Progression is achieved through offering a child centered approach inclusive of all children’s needs. Here at Repton School Abu Dhabi, it is paramount that we strive to meet the individual needs of each child. We deliver personalised learning and care to ensure that each child receives the best possible start in life.

Play is at the heart of the Foundation Stage. Children must have the opportunity to explore and investigate through play both indoors and outdoors to develop fully. Each child’s development in learning is supported by a varied selection of play experiences.

With Repton School Abu Dhabi’s mission to develop IT across the school, staff in the Foundation Stage incorporate and embed Computing into all areas of the curriculum. Our children learn skills vital in engaging them with the wider and ever-changing world.

These opportunities benefit greatly from a high staff-child ratio. Ultimately, by providing a stimulating and playful environment, and adult support, children at Repton School Abu Dhabi have the ability to:

nvestigate, extend and demonstrate an understanding of the world around them; Practice and build up concepts, ideas and skills; Develop an understanding of rules and routines; Widen their experience by taking risks; Explore their imaginative and creative skills; Broaden their communicative skills by working independently and as a member of a group.

The Early Years curriculum is founded on the Early Learning Goals as stated in “Development Matters”. These inform professionals of specific outcomes children should be achieving at progressive ages.

Our pupils work in small classes with experienced Teachers supported by Teaching Assistants. As one would expect, the children spend the majority of time with their Class Teacher however the children also benefit from specialist teaching in Arabic, Physical Education (PE), Swimming, Music and French.

The Foundation Stage day is filled with a selection of activities to stimulate and encourage children through the key areas in the curriculum. Each week the children are encouraged to explore and extend their ideas through a selection of planned and self-chosen tasks.