Our Approach

As one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, Repton’s approach to education is one of a continual process of discovering, learning and maturing. We encourage capacity for independent thought and action, and then combine this with rational and responsible decision-making.

We follow a British independent school curriculum which incorporates elements of the English National Curriculum whilst allowing highly skilled teachers to develop an appropriate curriculum for an independent school in an international environment.

The curriculum develops pupils as independent and lifelong learners, as well as encouraging a spirit of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. This is achieved through what is studied in lessons and by links between academic and cross-curricular opportunities.

English (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy) are the central elements in the UK curriculum. These are delivered with a rigour stemming from proven and traditional teaching methods. Teachers use a wide range of texts and genres to develop accurate comprehension, wide general knowledge and creative, purposeful writing. Children learn to apply a strong mathematical foundation to problem solving challenges which will help them to adapt to an ever changing world.


STEM skills are a key focus, with Science and Computing being other core subjects. Innovation is a common thread running through school life. Digital technology plays a vital role in all subjects, with each and every child using their own iPad throughout their life in the school. This becomes a progressive ePortfolio of children’s work, and parents are sent regular updates on their child’s progress electronically.

Based in Abu Dhabi and sensitive to its Arab setting, Arabic is also taught as a core subject at Repton. Muslim children are also taught Islamic. While UAE Social Studies are taught formally from Year 1 onwards, Emirati culture is woven through all curricular subjects.

To develop well-rounded children who enjoy and contribute to the wider world, pupils study French, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE) and Swimming. Many of these subjects can also be developed further, through personal choice, in after school clubs. We run exciting cross-curricular days which interlink many subjects and skills in a creative environment, and have a full and progressive field trip calendar embracing UAE culture.

Regular homework is set to support and extend children’s learning, and to instil self-discipline and independent study. The involvement of parents in encouraging pupils in this is vital and backs up the school’s policy on extended learning.