Tuition Fees


Repton Abu Dhabi understands parents’ needs for exceptional education, whilst still delivering affordable excellence. Our 2020/21 tuition fees are detailed below.

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Tuition Fees

Rose Campus

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YearRegistration FeeAutumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Total Tuition FeesBook Fees
Cheque Due Dates1st Cheque
1st August
2nd Cheque
2nd December
3rd Cheque
2nd March
Year 13,15622,09218,93618,93663,120750

Fry Campus

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Year5% Registration FeeAutumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Total Tuition Fees Book Fees
Cheque Due Date1st Cheque
1st August
2nd Cheque
6th December
3rd Cheque
7th March
Year 23,05021,35018,30018,30061,000-
Year 33,25022,75019,50019,50065,000-
Year 43,25022,75019,50019,50065,000-
Year 53,25022,75019,50019,50065,000-
Year 63,25022,75019,50019,50065,000-
Year 73,25022,75019,50019,50065,000 -
Year 83,25022,75019,50019,50065,000-
Year 93,50024,50021,00021,00070,000-
Year 103,50024,50021,00021,00070,000-
Year 113,50024,50021,00021,00070,000-
Year 123,70025,90022,20022,20074,000-
Year 133,70025,90022,20022,20074,000-

Please note that the charge for the Registration Fee of 5% of the total tuition fees will be deducted from the tuition fees for the first term. All fees are in AED.



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