As part of the application process to join Repton School Abu Dhabi, we invite children to come and meet with us.

Nursery and Reception (Foundation Stage) children come to a “play date” where they play with others in the school setting, demonstrating their linguistic, mathematical, social, physical and emotional readiness for school.

KS (Key Stage) children are invited to complete a number of tasks which prove not only their social and emotional readiness for school life, but also their capacity to thrive on and enjoy our broad and challenging curriculum.

Assessment sessions for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018 will be held throughout the School year. Applications for the Academic Year 2018-2019 will be handled on an individual basis.

Current Pupil Spaces

Year 1Open
Year 2Open
Year 3Open
Year 4Open
Year 5Open
Year 6Open

All assessment results are final. We do not disclose actual results nor do we enter into correspondence about individual results.