Embracing the individuality of every child, Repton Abu Dhabi welcomes the key strand of Inclusion in UAE’s Vision 2021 strategy plan. Both campuses have Inclusion Departments led by experienced UK Specialists, and they offer a wide range of support strategies including one to one and group support. They also work with external agencies such as Speech Therapists, Psychologists and Learning Support Assistants as needed.

Pupils may be identified and referred for support either at the admissions stage, by parents, or by teachers who notice a difference in a child’s learning pace, needs or pattern. If the school does not have the required support systems available to meet a child’s needs, this is discussed with parents at the admissions stage.

The goal of the Learning Support Department is to work closely with Class and Specialist Teachers to make sure every child thrives, has a positive learning experience and meets their own unique potential.


Each campus also benefits from a dedicated Counsellor who supports children through emotional, social or behavioural difficulties. These can present themselves both short or long term due to life changing events, developmental phases, academic problems, or deeper issues. Our Counsellors are specifically trained to deal with these and can help pupils one to one, or in a wider support team as needed.

Our Counsellors also provide support in educating children about their Child Protection rights, run parent workshops on a range of issues, and facilitate parent support circles.

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