“My husband and I have been delighted with the way you have cared for and nurtured our two boys. Both of them seem to love school which I can only put down to their teachers’ warm approach and enthusiastic teaching as well as the friendliness of the school as a whole”

Mrs. Langdon, Parent

“Looking back, I think we were very fortunate to find a place for Leela at Repton. Our daughter and family have had an unforgettable experience with Repton – we loved the warm, nurturing environment, the terrific teachers and support staff, the “big family” atmosphere and quality of education’

Mrs. Simms, Parent

“Our son never stopped to amaze us with his progress this year. For this, and for seeing how he was nurtured and cherished over the year, we will remain truly and ever thankful. We will always think of Repton Abu Dhabi fondly”

Mrs. Martins, Parent

“There was a tear in everyone’s eye and  a lump in everyone’s throat as we watched… amazed at how our children have grown and how they are becoming “characters”

Mr. & Mrs. Osborne, Parents,
End of Year Assembly

“Your pupils were a credit to Repton School and I am very glad that they found the trip to our Library enjoyable and informative”

Tony Beale, Senior Librarian,
The Club Abu Dhabi


Repton is beautiful. There are lots of rooms and activities, like Library, PE, and swimming. We learn how to write letters and read some things, like d-a-d means Dad, and m-u-m means Mum. I love the trip to see the Gruffalo.

Viola FS2

I like reading and counting, PE and swimming. I can read some books at home on my own. I have lots of friends and I play with them. They are from Korea, Pakistan, and Spain.

Hassan FS2

I meet my new friends at Repton. I like learning about the human skeleton. I like Read Write Inc because we learn special red words and a story. I feel happy when I come to Repton in the morning. I’m in a new class.

Rory Y1 Elm

feel happy when I wake up and go to Repton school. I like doing writing and reading. We read special books – we take turns and then return them. In Maths we do numbers. I like iPads. They help you learn your adding and your numbers. iPads are a good thing and very nice to learn on.

Ellie Y1 Mangrove

I like coming to Repton because you can learn how to count in 1s and 10s, how to add numbers, Science, swimming and running. I’m really good at running, numbers, adding, subtracting. I actually really like reading and writing. The best book I’ve ever read is Cat Bug because it’s so funny! I have friends from Morocco, Jordan and Scotland.

Fatima Y2

Repton’s better than my old school because it has more opportunities and activities. I love reading “King Arthur and the Round Table”, and learning about the human body in Science. I like Maths because it’s more fun than in my old school. One of the things I love the most about Repton is that we can go swimming here. I know the difference between dromedaries and bactrian camels – bactrians are bigger and can survive hotter weather. I’m in the Camel class and that’s why I researched camels with my mum using technology. It’s been quite easy to make new friends and they’re from Asia and Europe.

Joshua Y3

The teachers are kind here. They’re stronger than the teachers I had before, and they make things fun. Our school is always clean and pretty, and it’s very big. It’s easy to make new friends here. Children are very friendly. I really like this school. Repton’s better than my old school.

Nour Y4

Repton is a really good school. It’s really fun, because sometimes they let you choose what you want to do, and the lessons are really fun. From the schools I’ve been in so far, Repton’s the best one because of all the activities we have. I like how we raise money for charity, because we get to have fun while we help others. The school trips are so much fun, and you get to go to New York University every Thursday for sport. You get to learn how to swim in the school, which I never got to do in my old schools.

Abigail Year 4


At Repton I have had huge opportunities to develop myself professionally and grow as a teacher. Working at Repton and living in Abu Dhabi has been an eye-opening, life changing and challenging journey that has helped me reach my full potential.

Jamie Johnston, Head of Year 1

Repton School is one of the best schools that I have worked in so far throughout my teaching career. The staff are like a family who are very hard working and only want to bring the best out of the little stars that enter our school each day. It is wonderful to see the children learning extremely well in our engaging and 21st century school environment and parents have noticed their childrens’ confidence to explore new things is the direct result of the efforts made by the community in our setting. Being part of Repton over the past 2 years has been an enjoyable experience and I’m lucky to bring my son, who has now started FS1, into this warm setting.

Laura Marzelos, Head of Science