We are proud of both our 21st century international nature and of the traditions and core values which have been derived from strong links with the culture of the Emirates and our partnership with Repton in Derbyshire, England. Repton School’s over 450 year history has enabled it to develop into a mature and clearly effective school which has been able to mould and bring out the true potential of its pupils. We are fortunate to have been able to draw on the educational knowledge and expertise from our sister school and thus combine the very best of the new with the very best of the British educational system.

The partnership between the schools is very strong and there are many initiatives which bring genuine meaning and substance to the links between Repton in Derbyshire, Repton School Dubai and Repton School Abu Dhabi.

Two members of the governing body of Repton are permanent members of the Repton Abu Dhabi board, ensuring the greatest possible coherence between the two schools at all levels. There have been successful pupil exchanges with Repton Dubai and plans are underway for joint sports tours and trips. Similar plans are under discussion for Repton Abu Dhabi. Common in-service training initiatives for teachers are being developed and there is a regular interchange of ideas between staff in the three schools. There are striking similarities between the schools, in uniforms, house names and traditions, institutional language and in fact everything that goes into producing a common ethos and caring, friendly and purposeful school environments some three thousand miles apart.

For those families relocating back to the UK, or considering UK Boarding for their child, both Repton and Foremarke Hall (Repton’s preparatory school) offers a continuity of curriculum and culture. With regular dialogue between the Headmasters In the UAE and the UK, any move back to the UK is a stress free transition for parents and pupils as this can be planned and  managed sensitively and on an individual basis. As a result there is minimum disruption to each pupil’s studies.

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