In speaking to many Repton parents, we are aware of the importance of the association between Repton UK and its schools overseas. In enrolling your children in a Repton School or Foremarke there is an expectation that your child’s experience will match that of a Repton in the UK.

Throughout the short history of Repton on the international stage, we have benefitted from the genuine commitment, involvement and support of our UK alma mater. This has made the Repton brand overseas unique in that it constitutes true partnerships rather than a simple franchise arrangement. With Mr Paul Brewster as Chief Education Officer of Repton UK, we have seen a further strengthening of these bonds and an unequivocal statement of intent from Repton to support and develop its overseas branches.

The establishment of regular quality assurance visits is an excellent initiative. Through these visits, which broadly follow the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) format, Mr Brewster leads teams that are able to really ‘get under the skin’ of a school and evaluate its effectiveness in a fair, supportive and transparent manner. This allows parents to compare their school directly with Repton UK as well as other high quality independent schools. Like an inspection, the reports acknowledge a school’s strengths and also suggest areas for development and improvement.

The Quality Assurance Reports are shared with parents and are also published on the school websites. The reports are also scrutinized by the Board of Governors who, in turn, assist and support Headmasters in the next steps for the development of their schools. The Headmasters are required to submit a School Action Plan to the Board outlining steps that will be taken to address development areas and this action plan is also shared with parents. This ongoing process of evaluation and improvement is essential to ensure that we are providing the very best schools for your children.