The “Friends of Repton” is a voluntary organization that supports the nurturing social and educational environment of Repton School Abu Dhabi.

The “Friends of Repton” have three main goals to achieve this purpose:


To provide an open platform for communication among parents, School leadership and teachers on non-core educational issues.


To promote social activities for parents and organize events that support the enrichment and development of the whole school community, involving parents, school staff and children.


To raise funds for the School and for the good of the children. Funds raised by the “Friends of Repton” can be designated for two main purposes;

a) For charity supported by Repton School Abu Dhabi

b) For “extras” and pastoral projects not directly related to the educational curriculum. The “Friends of Repton” co-Chairs along with the Headmaster will discuss and determine appropriate fundraising projects.

As a parent or guardian you are automatically a member of “Friends of Repton”. Throughout the year, “Friends of Repton” will be organising and assisting events at the School.

You can contribute in any way that you are able to – no contribution is too small, and all are appreciated.