The Repton Board of Governors aim to ensure the long term viability of Repton Abu Dhabi. The Board sets policies but is not involved with the day to day activities of the school. Annual budget approvals and responsibility for hiring and evaluating the Headmaster falls under the responsibility of the Board.

The Board of Governors meets at a minimum of two times per year. The members of the Board are listed below:


Mr. Khaled Al Mheiri

Chairman, EKI


Mr. Nitin Kripalani



Mr. Robert Owen

Chairman, RISL


Mr. Tony Puri



Mr. Niel Mcleod

Director of Academics and Education – UK


Mr. Ismail Zorob

Chief Investments Officer, EKI


Mrs. Marion Henriot

Vice President (Strategic Planning and Investments), EKI


Mr. Abdul Khalil Ali

CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Abu Dhabi Capital Group


Mr. Ahmed Al Mehairi

Parent Governor